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Windows State Info

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Hi Everyone.

For WinGetState, is it possible to see if the Window is hidden or not? Also, for the return value, if window is active and enabled will the values sums up?

Just one more question. What's the difference between enable a windows and disable a windows. What can you do and what can you not do.

Thanks in Advance.


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Return Value

Success: Returns a value indicating the state of the window. Multiple values are added together so use BitAND() to examine the part you are interested in:

1 = Window exists

2 = Window is visible

4 = Windows is enabled

8 = Window is active

16 = Window is minimized

32 = Windows is maximized

Failure: Returns 0 and sets @error to 1 if the window is not found.

active and enabled 12

and if its just 1 i think it means it's hidden not sure though

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