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.ini help please. - Small tweaking needed.

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In my program I have a "notes section" which is an input box that has multiple lines.

I want it so the user can store these notes to a .ini file.

At the momment when they click the "store" button, all of the input boxes content is being stored but like so:






This means that when I read the .ini with:

$note_input = GUICtrlCreateInput(IniRead("C:\WINDOWS\Temp\stored.ini","Notes","Notes",""),10, 230, 475,60, $style)

I hope that helps.

Edit: also:


^^ I think thats the cause, the "return" key is forcing it to store them on seperate lines in the .ini.

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This is a duplicate post, and I gave a possible answer in the other. Please do not dupe your posts in the AutoIT forums.


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