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Use Directory Macro in Run Command

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I am brand new to scripting and AutoIT. I am attempting to use @SystemDir in a run command and chain a filename (& possibly a folder) to it.

The line I'm trying to use is:

Run("mmc","C:\Build",/o," " & @SystemDir & "\" & services.msc)

The result is:

C:\Build\MyScript.au3 (13) : ==> Error parsing function call.:

Run("mmc","C:\Build",/o," " & @SystemDir & "\" & services.msc)

Run("mmc","C:\Build",/^ ERROR

>Exit code: 0

Can I use this command to launch Mmc.exe? What is the proper syntax to chain a Directory Macro with a folder & filename? Is there a better way to do this?

Any help is appreciated.

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