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I'm trying to install some software, and all goes well until I try to reset the default option to launch the software at the end of the install. The Au3Info window shows this check-box style control as...

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

Size: X: 40 Y: 140 W: 332 H: 21

Control ID: 1573658

ClassNameNN: TEdit2

Text: C:\Program Files\ImageJ

Style: 0x540100C0

ExStyle: 0x00000200

(Control is hidden)

... and here's the bit of script I'm trying ...

ControlShow ( "Setup - ImageJ" , "Completing the ImageJ Setup Wizard" , "TEdit2" )

ControlClick ("Setup - ImageJ" , "Completing the ImageJ Setup Wizard" , "TEdit2" ) ; dont launch

Send ( "!f") ; finish

But it doesn't work. I added the ControlShow, mistakenly thinking that it might be an antidote for "(Control is hidden)" .

Any help gratefully accepted.

BTW I've noted that on successive attempts to look at this problem, the ControlID shown by AU3Info is different, hence my use of ClassNameNN.


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