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Don't be so quick to click.

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I just spent probably an hour and a half trying to click an item in MySQL Administrator. Tried permutations of all 11 classes and digits thru 12 for control IDs. Then it finally hit me, why not try the down arrow key? When running by hand I had always mouse clicked and had never used the arrows. Apparently this panel only accepts up and down and mouse clicks, no tabs. Sure enough Send('{Down}') made it move along. That is after I realized that I had to refocus the window for Send because my own display statement was STEALING the focus. Had become accustomed to the trio

WinWait($title, $text)
If Not WinActive($title, $text) Then WinActivate($title, $text)
$r = WinWaitActive($title, $text)

keeping things in focus for me.

Should have paid more attention to the fact that Winfo didn't want to give me good handles for the item I wanted to click.

So why am I posting? Because a lot of folks on this list have helped me immensely. So by this maybe some other neophyte won't make my same mistakes.


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