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Make Me A Simple Script :D

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Hey i am a noob to all this AutoIT stuff :shocked:

I was wondering if someone could make a basic script for me so i can edit it a little afterwards !

It would go something like this...

It would search a small area for 3 different colours. depending on the colour it would be a different outcome.

I want it to click far left for red, middle for yellow, far right for blue!

And i would like it to repeat until i press a finish key.

Can anyone help me create this script? or create it for me so i can tweak it? :(

Im sure there are plenty of people with to much time on there hands out there!!!

E-Mail me if you will do this at tidyboy5050@hotmail.com

Me LoVe yoU LonG TimE :P

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There are lots of very helpful people here. However, you will need to at least create a script and come up with a problem. You will get help with your problems one at a time and eventually you will have a working script - all while learning in the process.

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