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Display message to currently logon user

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How am I able to run a dialog and display message to the currently logon user?

We have our workstation scheduled to shutdown at a particular time and we would like to inform the logon users 10 mins before the workstations shutdown.

Thanks for any help.

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Take a look at that. A script I wrote a while back that shuts down machines at certain times. You can change the amount of time it counts down to the shutdown by modifying the $secondsuntilshutdown global variable. Currently it is only 30 seconds, but you can change that by simply setting it to 600 seconds for 10 minutes.

Just to give you an idea.

-The Kandie Man :shocked:

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Thanks a lot. But I would like to customise the script myself like changing the dialog interface and buttons.

I'm able to shutdown the workstation and cancel the shutdown with some scripts. The script is run as the administrator account. But I'm unable to display messages to the current logon users. How am I able to display the messages to the current logon user?

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