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Go to Outlook toolbar and paste data

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I am wondering if you can help me please. I would like to create a script to copy some text and paste it into an input box in an Outlook Toolbar. It is called Alca 772

Using AutoIT, I am able to copy the text, see if Outlook is open and then WinActivate it.

However I cannot figure out how to activate/focus the toolbar and to select the specfic button (input box) to paste into.

Using the Window Spy, I select the toolbar in question and I get the following details:

>>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title )<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Inbox - Microsoft Outlook

( classname=rctrl_renwnd32 )

>>>>>>>>>>>( Mouse Position )<<<<<<<<<<<<

On Desktop: x: 227 y: 69

In Window: x: 231 y: 73

>>>>>>>>>>>>>( Pixel Color Under Mouse)<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Dec: 16053750 Hex: 0xF4F5F6

>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Position )<<<<<<<<<<<

left: -4 top: -4 width: 1288 height: 954

>>>>>>>>( Last Control Under Mouse )<<<<<<<

Class: MsoCommandBar1 Text: Alca 772

>>>>>>>>>( Status Bar Text )<<<<<<<<

(1): 17 Items



>>>>>>>>>>>( Visible Window Text )<<<<<<<<<


Alca 772

Menu Bar

Type a question for help



17 Items




>>>>>>>>>>( Hidden Window Text )<<<<<<<<<






I have selected the toolbar with the mouse and I believe it is called Class: MsoCommandBar1, Text: Alcatel OmniTouch Unified Communication - 1 under the Last Control Under Mouse details.

Also, when I place the mouse into the textbox, I get:

>>>>>>>>( Last Control Under Mouse )<<<<<<<

Class: RichEdit20W3 Text: (Note that sometimes it is RichEdit20W1 or RichEdit20W2)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.

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