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I don't know of any way to do this currently. It might be something to put in to the idea lab for a request.

If you wanted to make a seperate picture for each one, You would be down to only the titlebar for information.

Not a great solution, but they can be made fairly easily with HTML, Printscreen, and a bit of croping :whistle:

SplashImageOn("First", "Red.gif") 
SplashImageOn("Second", "blue.gif") 
; ect.

The better solution might be to write your own small html pages. Although it is a bit slow on refresh, since I don't know the proper command line.

$line="Hello World"
FileDelete(@ScriptDir &"\test.html")

Func htmlshow($color,$line)
AutoItSetOption("WinWaitDelay", 0)
$title="My AutoIt3 Status"
$file = FileOpen("test.html", 2)
If $file = -1 Then
     MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")
FileWriteLine($file, "<title>My AutoIt3 Status</title>"& @LF)
FileWriteLine($file, "<body bgcolor="& $color &">" & @LF)
FileWriteLine($file, $line & @LF)
Run("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE -k "& @ScriptDir &"\test.html","",@SW_HIDE)
WinWait ( $title, "") 
WinMove ( $title, "", 1, 1, 400, 400) 
WinShow ($title, "", @SW_RESTORE) 

...edit Cleaned it up a bit.

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Thanks scriptkitty,

I think I will put it into the idea lab, but your post has made me realize another solution :whistle:

I can simply type the text I want into Paint or another image editor / wordprocessor (screen print if necessary) and use SplashImageOn to display it, then I can give it whatever bgcolour I want.

This will be the easiest for me to get what I want done quickly, however I'm sure I'll learn from your code for opening html files.

Thanks m8 B)

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