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Manging Client/Server system with database

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Please help to plan my system.

I am implementing client/server that interact with mysql server.

The system components are:

- One Server

- One User client.

- One database

I already implemented a client server where multiple users can login and send requests asynchronics to the server.

And I am about to use the mysql.au3 udf to interact with mysql server.

My problem is how to mange the sql requests?:

- Where from the sql requests should be handled? Is it from the server or from the clients?

- Does I need to create DSN ODBC driver connection on each client or should it does on the server only? (mybe on both ???)

I was thinking that each client should be interacted with the databse directly, but how the client would knows the DSN?

I would appreciate your help.

Be Green Now or Never (BGNN)!

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A server, by definition, responds to requests from clients.

Thus, a MySQL server process responds to requests from the clients.

What you are attempting to describe used to be called TLA (Three Level Architecture) , where a client spoke to a middleware piece that had some client and some server characteristics.

In this scenario, you are writing a client in au3, and a server that responds to that client. In the process of serving those requests, it can generate requests to other server processes.

Typically, it is preferred to control access to a backend database. this gives you some added measure of security, in addition to better error control and performance expectations.

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