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Guest bonns

Read text in a window

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Guest bonns

Hi !

i would like to know how i can proceed to read the content of a window ....

any advice ?

thank you.

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Straight from the help file

WinGetText ( "title" [, "text"])


title The title of the window to read.

text [optional] The text of the window to read.

Return Value

Returns a string containing the window text read.


Up to 64KB of window text can be retrieved. WinGetText works on minimized windows, but only works on hidden windows if you've set AutoItSetOption("WinDetectHiddenText", 1)

If multiple windows match the criteria for WinGetText, the information for the most recently active match is returned.

Use WinGetText("") to get the active window's text.


WinGetTitle, ControlGetText


$text = WinGetText("Untitled -", "")

MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $text)


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