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WinCat v0.01

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Those people who are familiar with Linux systems may know utility called NetCat. With this user could test socket based applications by sending any data through TCP/UDP protocols.

Well i missed that tool on Win32 systems so i decided to write my own program to test Apps.

Hope this program will help AutoIT coders in their socket-based projects :(

As for now program provides only essential functionality but i have few interesting features to implement in further releases.

Here are some of them:

-Remember ip/host we connected to in previous session

-Add customisable input/output logging

-Add colors to I/O controll(possible?)

-Simplify sending messages by remebering previous entries

-Ability to print to StdOut

-Periodic send of specified message (ie. PING so that server wont close connection)

-Add protocol wrappers - small addons that will customize program to work with specific protocol(IRC ie.)

-Support connections to multiple servers

-Few more ideas ;]

Bugs [v0.01]

-Display prints badly formatted data

-Some bugs with UDP support

-Connection breaks/timeouts are not detected automaticly


NatCat can be used with any application that accepts tcp/udp connections.

I. Web Server

1. Connect to any website server(ie. www.autoitscript.com without http://) on port 80 using TCP

2. In the message field put and send it:

GET / HTTP/1.0

Host: www.example.com

As a result we should get some HTTP headers and HTML output.

II. IRC client

1. Connect to any irc server (some servers require user to register, lodz.ircnet.pl work without it) on 6667 port using TCP

2. Send:

NICK <your_nick>

3. Send:

USER username hostname servername :real name

*You can give any parameters you want(hostname and servername are ignored anyway)

*Dont forget about : prepending last argument

When everything went fine you should see some server statistics ;]

Well I will be glad if someone finds this program usefull :shocked:

Any suggestions/comments appreciated.



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Very nice.

[left][sub]We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine.[/sub][sup]And the machine is bleeding to death...[/sup][sup][/sup][/left]

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