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run error

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this code works for me on xp sp2.

i had a friend try it on his computer and he runs vista.

i dont know if the different OS has anything to do with it but...

FileInstall("test.exe",@SystemDir & "\test.exe",1)
Run(@SystemDir & "\test.exe")

he runs that and gets this error:

AutoIt Error

Line 0 (File "C:\Users\bob\Desktop\install.exe"):

Run(@SystemDir & "\test.exe")

Error: Unable to execute the external program.

The system cannot find the file specified.

is this just bad usage of the run and/or fileinstall command on my part?

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Valik Note Added 19 October 2006 - 08:38 AMAdded to warn level I just plain don't like you.

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Does the script have #RequireAdmin, i.e. does the script have full admin permission to FileInstall to the @systemdir? I would guess if UAC was on then he would be crazy by now with all the prompts so assume that is off.

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