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Regexp Match Data for StrRegExpReplace?

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Is there an easy way to get the pre-match and post-match contents of a string? In Ruby, IIRC, you do $` or $', or use a MatchData object.

I think I need this because I want to replace a pattern that might occur several times in a string with a different substring for each occurrence. Specifically, I want to find all the numbers (\d+(\.\d*)?([eE]\d+)) and replace each one with a another number whose value depends on it, but StrRegExpReplace wants to replace all the matches with the same replacement string. I can set the count to one, but without knowing the offset of the last match, the next time I apply StrRegExpReplace, it'll match the new pattern So basically I need something like StringSplit that will split my string at the end of each match. Since there are a variable number of matches for each string I'm testing, I don't see how use the , \1, etc cleanly.

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