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Decoding Exitcodes


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Since I cannot post in the Examples-section, have my script here.

It maps exit code numbers to error descriptions. You need the attached text file (unzipped) in the same folder as the script. I copy-pasted the descriptions from a web page. You might want to look for your localized ones.

func exitmsg($exitcode)
    $file = fileopen("exitmsg.txt", 0)
    if $file = -1 then 
        msgbox(0, "Error", "Cannot read file exitmsg.txt")
        return $exitcode
    while true 
        $line = FileReadLine($file)
        if @error = -1 Then return $exitcode
        $firstblank=StringInStr($line, " ")
        if stringleft($line, $firstblank) = $exitcode then return stringtrimleft($line, $firstblank)        

Parsing the description file only takes fractions of a second for a single lookup, but if you need to batch-convert exitcodes better read it in once...

You can also include the exitmsg.au3 in your scripts and just call the function.

Enjoy the errors!



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You can post in the Example's when you have reached 10 posts .

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