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I have a hardware device that has a .DLL to control it. The description does of course use C notation, and I want to use AutoIt.

The package contains a .lib, a .h, and a .dll file. A SDK command list gives:

BOOL DT_Robot_Init(HWND hWnd , int RobotTypeID, int DeviceID, char* ComX);

with the parameterdescription:

hWnd : The window handle

RobotTypeID : Name:1

DeviceID : Reserved

ComX : Reserved

The .h file contains the lines:

enum DTRobotTypes{rtNone,rtMiniCubis,rtPronto};


extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) BOOL DT_Robot_Init(HWND hWnd,int RobotTypeID,int DeviceID,char* ComX);

So; the question is how do I translate this?

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