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hiding files/dirs

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Yes it can, untick the "Hide protected operating system files"

file attrib is a bad way to hide files... any other way please?

Mine is always unticked but I can't seem to see it, maybe you can redirect the folder to somewhere else. As you move it and relink it.
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Depends on the OS. I know theres quite a few ways for Pre-NT Systems. I know that there are ways that exist fin Windows XP & Vista to make a folder inaccessable, but at this time, I do not know what they are. Reason I know there are ways in XP and Vista is because of the finger-print scanner, you can completely lock folder access out.

Ooo Ëxçã¿îbúr ooO"Information Is Not Knowledge." ~Albert Einstein
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Actually the setting for Hide/Show system file is in Registery, maybe add a loop to check it and if not just RegWrite again.

At my school, when I set File Attrib to Hidden+System+ReadOnly, I can't seem to see it anyhow. So yeh.

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