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I appreciate all the work that has gone into the plugin architecture and I am suprised that other people have not jumped on chance to further AutoIt with there own plugins. I myself would like to develop at least a couple more. However I find I am hindered by the inability to pass arrays back and forth between the script and plungin. I read in the Feature Request forum that arrays are on your todo list. I am sure that the lack luster presence of plugins provides little incentive to finish it out, but I think the lack of array handling is a show stopping problem that may cause others to pass on plugin developement. One of the upsides of plugins is ease of use, and I believe that using DllStruct*() to interact with a plugin is counter intuative. If you could find the time to see your way to implementing this feature it would be greatly appreciated by more than just me.

Thanks for the Great Work!


By the way, Congrats on the new job!

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