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TCPRecv used with option "TCPTimeout" not working as expected!

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Opt("TCPTimeout", 5000)
$KalRET = TCPRecv($Socket, 1000)

It may be my misunderstanding about how the TCPRecv function works but I believe it should wait for upto 5 seconds to recieve some data... what actually happens is that it will recieve data *but* only if its available immediately when called otherwise it simply fails to read anything and waits for 5 seconds even tho at some point in that 5 second timespan there was data to be read.

While TimerDiff($Timer) < 5000
$KalRET = TCPRecv($Socket, 1000)
If $KalRET <> "" Then ExitLoop

The above code segment does exactly as I expect... you dont see it here but "TCPTimeout" is set to 0 and the routine polls for data to be read then breaks out of the loop (or gets timed out which ever). Point being it works like I expected the TCPTimeout with a value of 5000 to. I misunderstanding something about the command?

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