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HELP ME for get Window Title

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Hi, i got a problem, please there's someone who can help me? i must get the title of a box, but the function 'WinGetTitle' only recognize the name of the box below the one i am interested...

This is the screenshot: I must get the Title "Report Rank Daku" and not "AgentWebRanking 2.6.1 Professional Edition"

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I need to know the text below  ">>>>Visible Window Text<<<< " , i.e. "Report Rank Daku"


I understand but ... what information is AU3_Spy.exe giving you ?

I don't have the software so don't have any idea what it is displaying...

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$text = ControlGetText("Report Rank Daku", "", "Classname")

Use WindowSpy to get the classname.


The classname and instance of the required control or the exact title/text of the control with any underlined character denoted with a preceding &.

(from manual)
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