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New .au3 filetype icons wanted

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All you icon designers, AutoIt 3 could use a new filetype icon (just the filetype one, I'm happy with the main icon). I want two icons:

1. Simple 32x32 (16 colours - or preferably mono) to replace the current icon that is bound to the exe. This will be used by users who want AutoIt3.exe to not require anything else installed. Must also look OK when shrunk to 16x16

2. Uber multiformat icon. I am not an icon person, but I think to look good on all systems and sizes it has to contain the following sizes:




You can use as many colours as you like, but I think you must also include low colour versions for Win95/NT4 (IIRC they are limited to 16colour icons).

Icon 2 will be installed as a seperate file in the AutoIt install and associated with the .au3 filetype.

What's in it for you? Er.... Well, if the icon makes it into the install you get your name in html in the credits. Woo. :whistle:

Send me the files and I'll check them out and I'll post them up so everyone can talk smack about them B)

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