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2 Tiny Things :P

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i Need help with only two lil things...



If Not WinActive("GunLaunch","") Then WinActivate("GunLaunch","")


So it can read the Directory of the file... instead

Cos the name of the file is the actual location of it so for example: C:\Program Files\Game\GunLaunch.exe

And i need it so my INI Read can send a whole string of text...

So in my INI File i have Username = XxXGoD

In my autoit file i got: Username = IniRead(@ScriptDir & "\config\Config.ini", "Account", "Username", "User")

And then how do i get the Send Fuction to send that whole string of text?

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Ahh Thanks, i was trying all sorts with & and " lol

What about the winwait.....

Also can i do a Run off a spesific file in a spesific folder, sorted out by the ini file...

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