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StringinStr, search from right not working

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Howdy folks. I'm using StringinStr and would like to search from the right, instead of the left. Taken directly from the help file, "Use a negative occurance to search from the right side." Unfortunately it doesn't work, I still get results from the left hand side of the string. Just run my simple example and see.

StringInStr ( "string", "substring" [, casesense [, occurance]] )

$test = "3,2,1"
$num = 1;

$check = StringInStr($test,$num,0,-1);

msgbox(0, "test", "should be 1: "&$check);

It should be 1, not 5, if it searched from the right. A bug, or am I overlooking something?

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No, that is not a bug.

It's not necessary from which side you're searching for a string, the string position will be ever the same!.

("Success: Returns the position of the substring.")

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Hmm that's kinda odd.  Oh well I guess that would be the easy way out ^^.


Its not really "the easy way out" but its the way all string functions work.

It would be more difficult to use other String commands when it would return the found position seen from the right, since they all use the position from the left.

Just an example:

Assume you want to find the last octet of an IP address:

$IP = ""
$oct4 = StringTrimLeft($IP,StringInStr($IP,".",0,-1))

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