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Can't figure out what I need...

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to create a script that automates an online game. All I really need it to do is fill a text field, hit a button, repeat. But, I ran into several problems: The button link changes every page, the position of the button changes and as has no ControlID.

As far as I can tell, the only thing that stays the same would be the name / value (displayed text) of the button. Is it possible to create an automated button-clicker with only this information?

I searched and searched but can't find a solution.

ANY help would be appreciated.


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ok, I figured most of it out by telling it the coordinates that the button is supposed to be at, and hopefully by the color of the pixel determine where the button moved to and it all works fine.... for that one page.

I know there is a way to look for a certain pixel, but is there a way to find a group of pixels? Such as a line, or a 60 px by 30 px box? or something similar? That would help me automate it much futher.

Thanks for your help!


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