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Tool for changing IP address and Proxy settings

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Hello everyone,

Well I was dreading this, a few people asked if I had posted this app yet and to be honest I am a little embarrassed.

It works ok but if you look at the code I guess some of you will really laugh, but this sort of thing is only a hobby.

I would like to thank everyone on this forum who helped me when I was stuck with out this forum I would never have got this done, so a big THANKS TO ALL.

If anyone has any ideas/changes that would improve please let me know I would like to see how you do it, could help me learn a little more.

Hope someone can make use of it, we have been using it in our companey as we have a lot of users traveling and often need to change there IP and Proxy setting but do not have admin rights, also this saves diffrent locations into an ini file as well as user name and password of local admin right if you dont have admin right on the local computer.




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nice job will make some suggestions soon

see ya

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Very nice!

Unfortunatly, it's not useful if you have access to the network settings (under control panel).

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