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simple fix i am sure

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Hello all...

so is there an easier way to get this to wait for the files to unpack.

the files are basically pretty large...over 200mb all together, so it takes it ahwile to unpack the self-extracting zip to the temp folder... and then i launch it to unpack it and since it is so big it takes a while... to extract all the files... the runwait, and waitwinactive... doen't seem to catch it... my only luck has been with varying sleep times...

so i just need some 'best practices' i guress

$Program_1 = @TempDir & "\program-test1.exe"


FileInstall("U:\scripts\others\program-test1.exe", $Program_1)




RunWait(@COMSPEC & " /c Start " & @TempDir & "\program.msi")

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