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Bit File-Read/Write

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First of all I need to say, I am new to autoit and i got to say its great!!!

My problem how ever is, I want to read the Header Information of an old AVI, but that means I have to read it Bit wise.

AVI Header Format

AVI files contain a 56-byte header, starting at offset 32 within the file.

offset size description

0 4 time delay between frames in microseconds

4 4 data rate of AVI data

8 4 padding multiple size, typically 2048

12 4 parameter flags

16 4 number of video frames

20 4 number of preview frames

24 4 number of data streams (1 or 2)

28 4 suggested playback buffer size in bytes

32 4 width of video image in pixels

36 4 height of video image in pixels

40 4 time scale, typically 30

44 4 data rate (frame rate = data rate / time scale)

48 4 starting time, typically 0

52 4 size of AVI data chunk in time scale units

I really don't know how to do that, please be gentle, as I have said, I'm knew...

So please if you can help me, please do.

Thanks in Advance.

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Look in your helpfile for FileOpen FileRead :) (Remember raw mode)

I did see that, but actually it really didn't seem solve my Problem, for the discription is quite small.

I am not quite sure how to do so... :D

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