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neo van matix

Check for active inet-connection trough proxy WITH Timeout?

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neo van matix


i like to check our internet-connection. We've a proxy.

Now, my problem: I'm requesting the Size of the google-logo (inetgetsize()). That works... my problem: If there's no active internet connection, the script stocks for... 15-30 seconds.

It would be nice, if i could setup a timeout for inetget or inetgetsize,... but i cant :/

maybe, someone knows a solution?

Attention! English noob ^^

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Look at Ping()

To add a timeout just first ping the destination (google.com) with a timeout of say 250.

If this timeouts then don't do the inetgetsize().

ping google with 250 millisecond timeout
If no error then
    No internet connection


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