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help in winactivate command

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i want to use winactivate commnad to toggle between the windows

my script looks like this (im trying to make an auto program to transfer cards from 1 account to my other account in magic online)

here goes

If Not WinActive("Magic Online V2.0.072.1873","") Then WinActivate("Magic Online V2.0.072.1873","")

WinWaitActive("Magic Online V2.0.072.1873","")

now my problem is that the second window of magic had the same title

how can i toggle between windows (without a mouse point click command)


p.s -sorry if i have bad english im from israel

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Is there different visible text to use in the second parameter of the WinActivate() function?

If not, use window handles instead of string titles. Look at WinGetHandle() and WinList() in the help file.


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