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Responding to new windows?

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I want to make an AutoIt script, if possible, that will automatically send a few key presses when it detects a new window is activated.

So like if I was surfing the net and a pop-up popped up I would want it to detect something in the title or the window itself, activate the window, and then send a few key presses.

I'm really tired right now and didn't feel like looking it up [shoot me] but I will try when I wake up although I doubt I could figure it out myself so thanks to those who are willing to help.

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When dealing with popups, I use Handles usually. use WinGetHandle to get the handle of the window you want to stay up, and then you can close any popup window. Use a simple if WinGetHandle<>$storedhandle then.

Oh yea, also make sure the window is a webbrowsing window as well before closeing it.

Handles are nice, because you can have 30 windows open with the same title, but each has thier own unique handle.

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