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hay, i could code to death anything, but trying to get this gui thing going i just cant do it. I can't seem to find any instructions on to set it up, if there is anything to set up, and i've dled the beta files. But whenever i try to compile and run something it just says that the gui commands arn't valid commands. Does anyone have any ideas?

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If you download the current beta status, the easiest way is to replace the current AutoIt3.exe and the AutoItSC.bin in the Auto2exe directory.

there is no installer version available for the time being. :ph34r:

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if the bin file was provided in the beta section. everything available i dled and replaced. :( can someone make an install for it:) hell use autoit to make it :ph34r:


Jon upload yesterday the install pakage under unstable that shoud fix your problem :">
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