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URLDownloadToFile issue


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I appear to be having a problem getting URLDownloadToFile to work. It keeps saying "Method or data member not found" and I don't know why. All the other AutoItX functions seem to work, but this one. Any ideas?

Dim AutoItX3 As New AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3

Private Sub UserControl_Initialize()
    Dim intDL As Integer
    intDL = AutoItX3.URLDownloadToFile("http://www.google.com", "C:\downloaded.htm")
End Sub
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7th Feb, 2005 - v3.1.0

Added: WinGetProcess()

Added: "main", "primary", "menu", "secondary" added as valid mouse button types

Added: ControlListView()

Added: ControlGetHandle()

Added: WinSetTrans()

Removed: URLDownloadToFile() (to be replaced with InetGet in the next version)

Yeah, seems to be missing :)
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