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Read from this control?

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Alright. I give up. I come to you guys. I cannot figure this damn thing out.

I need to read from this control:

Posted Image

This program is BF2CC, a command and control interface for the game Battlefield 2, from which server administrators can kick players, ban players, issue warnings, etc. I recently released BF2CC Monitor, a program that monitors the chat tab and alerts an admin when a player has an issue. Further information can be found at: http://www.texasteamplayers.com/forums/ind...p?topic=12563.0

Anyway, the control I need to read from simply eludes me. I cannot figure this out. I want to read that list of players, IPs, hashes, etc, so that I can make a program that logs who is playing. But nothing I do reads from that control. In fact, if I mouse over that player list with the players tab selected (as seen), the control name is exactly the same as when I have the mouse over the same area wit the chat tab selected. What is going on. I cannot figure this out. If you guys have any idea, any way of me to read from that control or atleast narrow down a way to, please, let me know. This is driving me insane.

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