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q:how can i find if port 1521 is open and for what is it open?

(port 1521/tcp is open for oracle)

sorry for the name off the topic; ive seen leater that it has another name than the one i was thinking of (dont know why....my mistake)

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Theoritically if you telnet a listening port, it always gives a sort of reply. So in general if telneting a port gives you a reply, the port is open and in listening state.

As far as the "what for" part is concerned, there is no way of knowing what service is running behind a port. Not even Windows know that. The only you can do is to use a file which contains all the registered ports and their services, so as to identify each port (assuming that you would be right). For example you can assume that port 80 is listening to an httpd request, but this is not always true as you can manually define a port to any service you want (i.e. you can make FTP to listen to port 80 if you like and so on).

Also have a look here for more info on registered ports.

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