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MS Windows XP Automatic Updates

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I'm writing a script to turn on Windows Automatic Updates for friends/family. No matter how many times I email them with instructions for this and other PC protection measures, they never do it. I'm hoping if I automate it with a script so they just have to click on one thing, they'll do it.

I ran the script, below, on a XP SP2 machine and it works fine, but I don't know if the screen is the same on a plain XP or XP SP1 machine. Does anyone have access to an unpatched XP PC, where they could check?

Also, if anyone has a 98, 98SE, ME or 2000 OS and can check to see if the wuaucpl.cpl is available and if the screen title and button names are the same as those used in XP SP2, I'd appreciate it.

Just reply back with the OS, service pack and any differences in window title or buttons.

Thank you.


MsgBox(1,"You are running",@OSVersion & " " & @OSServicePack)

Run("control.exe wuaucpl.cpl")

WinWait("Automatic Updates")

ControlClick("Automatic Updates", "", "Button1")

ControlClick("Automatic Updates", "", "Button7")

ControlClick("Automatic Updates", "", "Button5")

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