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i need to find a known text in a picture..

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my problem is like this

i have a picture, that picture have a lot of text on it and all of it has the same pixel color (white text)

i know the text that i need to find.

how can i find the text coordinates on that picture ?

the only way i have in mind is

serach for the known pixel color in an area and a few more in fixed range from that pixel and if all matched then i have the coordinates

i can find a better way

and i can't figure out how do code it. ( the pixel search im thinking about)

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Some pixel checksum might do it... Have a look in the helpfile for that.. Or else search for OCR in the forum

Start here if you are new Valuater's AutoIT 1-2-3Looking for an UDF - Look hereDo you need to do it twice - Autoit

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