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ListView32 control

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i'm attempting to automate a ListView32 control; not creating it.

i searched the site and found old posts (in 2004) pointing out a series of "LV_xxx" for ControlCommand. it was being implemented in an unstable release of 3.0.

as of 3.2.2 i do not see these commands in help.

have these commands:

- LV_GetItemCount

- LV_GetSubItemCount

- LV_GetText, index, subindex

- LV_SelectAll

- LV_SelectClear

- LV_IsSelected, index

- LV_Select, from index, [to index]

- LV_Deselect, from index, [to index]

- LV_GetSelected, [0 = single/first, 1 = multiple delimited by | ]

been phased out or replaced by other commands or just not documented?

thank you.

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