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text locate?

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Hey, I"m trying to build a macro for an online game called shimlar. Is there any way that I can do a word locate, kind of like pixelsearch. I need it to scan a small part of the screen for key words and then act according to them.

this is what i've done so far.



While 1

MouseClick ( "left", 800, 160 )


; If i could locate a word on the screen here, and then according to what it finds tell what mouse buttons to click

MouseClick ( "left", 514, 187 )


MouseClick ( "left", 744, 160 )

MouseClick ( "left", 710, 227 )


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OCR is hard. Do a search and you'll find discussions, examples, and some solutions.

But, since you are looking only for specific patterns in specific locations, you can likely do some simpler graphic-matching with PixelChecksum() and PixelGetColor().

First step is to get your target area down to the smallest screen area that will give reliable results. You need X/Y coordinates for the top/left and bottom right corners of the target box.

Tell us when you have that, and we can probably help you further along.


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