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problem running external problems

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Hi there,

I am suddenly having problems running externally called programs. I am trying to run taskkill from a run command and

it was working up to yesterday but now i cannot seem to get it to work anymore. It comes up with the following error

Run("taskkill.exe /F /IM explorer.exe")

Unable to execute the external program.

The directory name is invalid.

If i try and replace this with another run command calling e.g notepad it comes up with exactly the same error. I am not sure if it's something higher up in the script that is causing this.

Any suggestions???


Here is the script from the start up to the taskkill

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

#include <IE.au3>


$ScreenHeight = (@DesktopHeight - 130) / 2

$ScreenWidth = (@DesktopWidth - 220) / 2

; Create GUI and Progress Bar

GUICreate($Heading,220,130,$ScreenWidth,$ScreenHeight,-1, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)


$progressbar1 = GUICtrlCreateProgress (10,70,200,20)


$Label = GUICtrlCreatelabel ("Starting Build Progress - please wait...",10,100,200,20)


GUISetState ()

; Map Drive


GUICtrlSetData($label,"Mapping Drive")

DriveMapAdd("X:", $MappingPath)

;Disable user input


GUICtrlSetData($label,"Blocking User Input")


; Run registry entries


GUICtrlSetData($label,"Running Registry Entries")

run("regedit /s x:\newbuild\newbuildregentries.reg","c:\windows")

; explorer


GUICtrlSetData($label,"Stopping Explorer")

Run("taskkill.exe /F /IM explorer.exe")

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Do TaskKill.exe and notepad.exe run for you from a regular command line? I'm wondering if your PATH environment variable may have become invalid.


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