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clicking out of window coordinates

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i've been dealing with an issue where i am trying to click on a position which is technically part of the client, but is out of bounds in terms of the window size.

i'll start with a picture of a sample application window:

Posted Image

blue - title bar

client area is seperated by a vertical tab into green & yellow.

my aim is to click on A then B. problem is A & B do not have controlIDs and can only be accessed via coordinates.

i know i can use controlclick to access the yellow area. this would make 0,0 as indicated regardless of the width of the green area.

for example: controlclick("title","text","yellowArea","left",1,Ax,Ay) to click on A.

problem is, there is a scroll bar involved (gray); portion of the client area (dark yellow) is not visible.

B's coordinate (say 50,850) technicaly falls outside of the visible yellow area, which in this example bounds to 400,800.

i can not seem to directly click on y>800.

so to click on, B, using coordinates only, i would need to scroll down, put B in a known position in the visible yellow area, then issue a controlclick command. this is not an approach i would like to take unless necessary.

my question is, is there a way to click on B's coordinate (y=850), when it is outside the visible control area (y=800)?

thank you.

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can you stretch the window vertically to allow more space?

perhaps hiding the window, then scrolling?

im trying to think of a better work-around but those are 2 simple suggestions so far.

p.s. is this a client application? or a browser application?

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resolution is set on max; window is maximized.

as an alternative i was considering rotating the screen to portrait, instead of the default landscape.

the problem is that the application has many-many "screens". that is just one of them. i've only examined a small sample so far. that approach could lessen the # of out-bound-screens, but i may still encounter one. so i'm thinking of a full-proof method.

silk-test seems to be able to handle this situation. ex: you tell it to click on 50,850 & even though it's not visible, it seems to understand the extended client area & successfully click "B". so it seems technically feasible. it may require some DLL calls.

this is a client app. its behaviour is strange however, in that controls dont exist until they are clicked on. so first i need to use coordinates, then the control "exists" at which point i can explicitly control the edit, list/combo box, etc.

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