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Hi all,

I have a script that uses SQLite.

These includes are in the script :

#include <SQLite.au3>
#include <SQLite.dll.au3>

It was compiled with the Autoit v3.2.1.14 (beta)

Recently I recompiled the script to Autoit v3.2.3.14 (beta) and the script didn't work anymore. (the SQLite functions)

It took me some time before I found the cause :

Aparantly the (compiled) script creates a .dll file : C:\windows\system32\SQLite3.dll

(old SQLite3.dll date = 08/12/2006)

The problem : when executing the newer compiled version of the script it does not overwrite the older SQLite3.dll

To solve the problem, I had to delete/rename the old SQLite3.dll and then run the newly compiled script again.

(new SQLite.dll date = 02/13/2007)

I have to do this on several machines ...

Question :

Why does it not auto-overwrite the older SQLite3.dll ?

Is this normal behaviour of the embedded/wrapped SQLite functionality in Autoit ?

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