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Trying to create a script to simulate a slideshow.

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$pic = 0
    Send(--Picture Address--$i)
    $pic = $pic + 1
Until $i = 4000

I have over 4000 pictures that I want to make a slideshow out of using an AutoIt script. The idea is to make it type in the picture address and then keep going to the next picture, ie 0001 to 0002. Thing is I cant figure out what so do with the "Send(--Picture Address--$i)" line or how to make it type with four digit places, such as 0001.

I want it to press F6 once to activate the address bar in Explorer and then type [Picture Address]\0001.jpg so on and so forth.

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Try this:

$pic = 0
    Send("--Picture Address--" & StringRight("000" & String($pic),4) & ".jpg")
    $pic = $pic + 1
Until $pic = 4000

Edit this also works: Send("--Picture Address--" & StringFormat("000%u",$pic) & ".jpg")

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That did work great, but I did have a few problems here and there. I just decided to replace all of that with

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
$pic = 1
    $pic = $pic + 1
Until $pic = 4230

Now I have a new problem. I just want a little script to run in the background that I can have wait for a hotkey to be pressed before sending a macro... but when I run the script it ends itself!

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As for the topic: Didn't realise those commands existed but I do now.

As for the new problem:

HotKeySet("a", "GizA1")

Func GizA1()

That's all I have. I'm guessing it just reads it and then ends itself. I just want it so stand-by and wait for key presses before sending macros to the game.

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