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Tuning my microphone volume

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Well my logitech mic automatically adjusts the volume depending upon stray noise and conditions. The volume is adjustable in control panel -> sound and audio devices -> voice tab -> voice recording volume -> and adjusting it to the max.

I'm looking for a quicker way to access this without the silly clicking. Lets say I'm in game and shout, my mic turns dead silent and I dont have time to Alt-Tab out. Is there a post message, inbuilt command, or dos feature for this??

On the other hand, the most ideal would be disabling an option for autoadjusting in windows (the mic doesnt come with any software because its all taken care by windows.)

Thanks great devs and coders! :ph34r:

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My recommendation would be to go to the logitec website and download the correct drivers for the device. Their drivers may have an auto-correct feature to handle the changing environmental noise levels. (Or a way to disable the feature all together.)

You could build a policing script that monitors the registry values for the microphone volume and ensure that they're changed back to a preset (of your choosing) after a second delay... But this method isn't recommended, and may have some undesired effects.

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