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switch input device

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is there dll, udf or something helpfully to switch between the different input devices (eg stereo mixer, microphone, line in)? i made it over the buttons with controlcommand(), but then you always need to have the audioopions opened and it just work with my os (win 2k), cause the radio id's and the window title is in xp different.

my code i use yet:

; Name: LAC-Player.au3
; Author: Dominik Weinrich
; Version: 1.0

#Include <Misc.au3>

WinWaitClose("TPT Music Hotkeys GUI")
MsgBox(0, "LAC-Player", "Please open your windows recording control panel.")
WinWait("Recording Control")

$stereomix = ControlGetHandle("Recording Control", "&Auswählen", 2000)
$microphone = ControlGetHandle("Recording Control", "&Auswählen", 3000)

While 1
    If WinExists("Recording Control") == 0 Then
        MsgBox(16, "Error", "Error: Your Recording Control Panel isn't opened anymore.")
        Run(@ScriptDir & "\LAC-Player.exe")
    ControlCommand("Recording Control", "&Auswählen", $stereomix, "Check")
    ControlCommand("Recording Control", "&Auswählen", $microphone, "Check")
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