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Include line from .txt or .ini into script

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Q. How do I pull a line from a .txt or .ini file into an autoit script and have it key in the result?

I think I need to use the iniread or iniwrite commands; however, I can't get it to run properly. I am trying to automatically pull a seriel number from a file and insert it into the proper place in the script.

Here is the script part:

sleep, 2000

IniRead,OutPutVar,G:\\swdist\\software Module\\keycode.ini,section,key

sleep, 3000

the keycode.ini reads as follows:



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a) script reads the serial # from the INI/txt file
b) script reads a script template and replace a dummy/place holder with that string/value*
c) script template has to be "saved as" a new script (to keep the script template untouched)
d) script executes new script

*I'm not allowed to recommend anything different then AU3, to accomplish this task (strongly advised by Jon). Sorry pal.

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