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Adding a OCR to my autoit3 script

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ok i was just wondering how would i go about adding a ocr into my script, i made a bot with autoit3 for a racing game i play in which races for you, but they added this thing to stop it where you have to type in different numbers every tourney, is there any kind of code i could add so that way every tourney it would automatically reconize the numbers, and type it without me having to do it manually? all suggestions welcome.

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Are the spaces between the numbers and stuff uniform? or do they randomly appear in a box with different colours and stuff around them?


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I don't need to know everything, I just need to know where to find it when I need it"....EinsteinAnd in our case... That's the AutoIT helpfile ;) Please read before posting!!!

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not it is just a little box, the box stays the same size, its never letters, just numbers. It needs to read the 3 numbers in the box circled with red, then type them in the text area circled in yellow here is what it looks like:

Posted Image

but i need it to do it all on its own without me touching it, and it needs to loop over and over. They dont randomly appear they show every time you cant continue untill they are typed in, the numbers never change colors or anything, it always stay jsut how it looks, just the numbers change nothing else. Someone help me please.

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Secure_ICT do you think you could help, the link that Snarg posted didnt really answer my question. What i need it to do is basically make sure it reads the numbers in the box before posting it and see if its able to copy those numbers into a .ini or .txt document.

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