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File execution once per day

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I do an automatic backup via batch-file in the autostart (backup.bat).

Because I dont want this to be done every time I restart my PC, can somebody send me a script how to use it in conjunction with AutoIt, so that the program first checks if a backup has already been done on that specific day???

The backup files are on drive D:, and one of the files is named WAP00001.MDB or archive.pst (Outlook). The date of last backup is shown in that directory in Windows Explorer.

Thanks in advance for any explanations,


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I use autoit with task squeduler, but you can also do this quite easy.

just use FileGetTime ( "filename" [,option] )

so basically check the backup file each time, or have a log file, and check that.

I filewriteline() an entry after each sucessful backup, and at the begining of the script I do a FileGetTime () and match the day portion to @day, if it doens't match, you didn't back up that day.

You can place it in the startup, and have it sleep for a few hours, or what ever your fancy. You can use @hour and @min to set start times, etc etc.

If you still need help, I can post up a quick easy one, but this info should get you started if you want to do it yourself.

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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