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Hello, i've been fooling around in AutoIt for quite some time lately in the past few days, but I cannot understand how to get the writeini command to work with @hour @min @sec to work correct.

IniWrite("C:\test.ini", "time", "minute", "executed at:", @MIN)

It's basicaly being used as a log as you can tell. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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& is the symbol of concatenate.

To you different type of data you have to concatenate them.


$variable & @macro & 'Set text'

The comma instead separe (if outside ' ) the parameters of the functions.

in your case the solution is:

niWrite("C:\test.ini", "time", "minute", "executed at:" & @MIN)

Please, to anyone that make the helpfile. Lets make this 'concatenate' stuff more clear. It happens too often that a newbie not understand this!

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