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Hi everyone. I am brand new to this scripting, and also pretty cluelss /hide :whistle: This all interests me, and I would like to begin learning how to use all this. I am trying to copy over this script for the FFXI game, so I can first see how to make a script activate.

I have been reading the help files and I also searched these forums for as much help as possible, but the discussion is far above my nooby head :evil:

I copied that script into the textpad (recently downloaded also), and I went to the autoit v3 option to "Run Script". I chose the saved file I just made in textpad, and it obviously began to work after a waited time ( I understand that sleep time is there to allow time to login into FFXI). FFXI was not started up, so the script was running on everything open. I opened textpad, and I watched it doing its magic in there. That is my experiment with this so far :angry:

My questions are

1) Can someone point me to a guide that will teach a new noob like me?

2) Did I do that above script the proper way?

3) How in the hell do you make that script stop running? B) I had to restart my computer in the end.

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3) right click the icon that will show up in the tray at the bottom right of your screen and exit it there :whistle:

2) yes you did, and i too use textpad to see the magic happen on a lot of things

1) there really is not guide, atleast that i have seen. the best way to learn it is just to do it... i normally give myself a challenge, and then make a script that will do it. then i do something a little harder. i just keep working on harder things, its fun. each one should have a certain "theme". for example, try making a script that takes a string from an input box, and then outputs it reversed in a message box. then try to have it get the script from a text file, without opening it. then try and get it to get it BY opening it, as in opening it, clicking and dragging, copying to clipboard, etc. just keep working on more and more complex things, its fun, and you learn. thats what i did.

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Congratulations on your excellent choice of AutoIt and Textpad B)

Some tips for integrating TextPad and Autoit:

Setup an "Execute" tool in TextPad

  • In TP: Configure \ Preferences \ Tools \ Add \ Programs \ <Navigate to Autoit3.exe> \ Apply.
  • This will create a tool called "Autoit3" in TP's [Tools] menu. You can rename this if you want - see TP helpfile if necessary.
Set Hotkey for the Execute tool
  • In TP: Configure \ Preferences \ Keyboard \ Tools \ <select your execute tool you just created above> \ Press new Shortcut key:<I use F5> \ Apply.
  • This will enable you to simply press F5 to execute a script you have open in TextPad.
Setup Context Sensitive Help for Autoit in TP (thanks to CyberSlug and JdeB)
  • Download and install the free KeyHH.exe
  • Download the latest custom Autoit3 helpfile. (for the purposes of this explanation, assume you place it in C:\Autoit3\CustomHelp).
  • Setup another TP tool: Configure \ Preferences \ Tools \ Add \ Programs \ <Navigate to KeyHH.exe> \ Apply.
  • Then edit this tool and replace [Parameters] with -#klink $SelWord "C:\Autoit3\CustomHelp\AutoIt.chm"
  • Setup a Hotkey for this tool: see Hotkey procedure above - I use ALT+F2
  • This enables you to select an insteresting function in a script that you have open in TP, and press ALT+F2 to get instant gratification :whistle:
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