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Delete Comments(myspace)

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Its time to delete my comments from all the lurkers, apperntly they have grown wise to just hiding them :) .

35 pages is just sucha pane to delete.

anyone know of a script to do so?

Before i just use auto mouse clicker but it was pretty lame method =]

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If you show that you have tried what Zedna has suggested, then you will be more likely to receive help.

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I Made a program that does this (and the exact opposite) and its very tricky, and the answer is, you cant, atleast not in bulk. Myspace only lets you do it once per page, it uses javascript, and you cant send the same script of java at once.....

        $delete=InputBox("Deleter","Delete how many comments?",100)
        $res = 0
        WinSetTitle("Myspace NUKE Browser","","Myspace NUKE Browser - PRESS CTRL + SHIFT + S TO STOP")
        _IENavigate($oIE,"java script:__doPostBack('ctl00$Main$PagedComments$viewComments$commentRepeater$ctl00$deleteLinkButton','')",1);Send Java
        If $stopped = 1 Then
            $stopped = 0
        $res = $res + 1
        Until $res > $delete

a little clip from it... but it wont do you any more good then an auto clicker.

Uhm sorry, I can't help you much from that...you can leave it on all night =P

[center]"When you look at old, classic games like Snake, you often put it off because it's such a simple game, but it's only when you actually try and create your own unique game from scratch, do you finally appreciate those games."[/center][center]Don't ask for answers if you haven't TRIED yet![/center][center]Most answers can be answered in the help file! Use it![/center]

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